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The RWAF may appear to be a large organisation with offices and paid employees, but in reality we are a small group who often carry out our work for the RWAF in our spare time. We have grown over the last 15 years and are proud that we punch well above our weight, but wish we had the resources to do more to help the thousands of domestic rabbits that lead miserable lives.

When I first had a house rabbit 12 years ago there was very little information available. It is lovely to see that others now appreciate what wonderful companions they make, and that there are organisation such as yours promoting the welfare of rabbits.
Sarah, Somerset


Imagine if it was your beloved bunny.

Next time you watch your happy, healthy rabbit investigating its large exercise area, or snuggling up to its partner looking the picture of contentment, imagine it sitting on its own, staring at the inside walls of its small hutch for hours, weeks, months and years. It’s a heartbreaking thought isn’t it? Then, along with the loneliness and frustration of solitary confinement, imagine it has an untreated case of mites, maloccluded teeth or Flystrike. Imagine it baking in direct sunlight during the summer months, or uncovered and freezing in the winter. That’s just a few of the horrible things that countless rabbits endure because their owners don’t bother taking responsibility for the animal they’ve taken-on. None of us could bear to imagine our own pets in that kind of state, but most of us don’t look past our own pets. And it’s time we did. It’s time we started thinking about those other neglected and abused rabbits – it’s time to help them.

This section of the website shows the different ways that an increasing number of members that are adding their weight to the struggle to improve the lives of domestic pet rabbits in this country. Please have a look using the links to the left and see if there’s anything you think you could help with. We’re not asking for a big commitment, just whatever time you can spare. If everybody does a little, then we can make a lot of difference.

Think you can help in other ways? We’re always open to suggestions, so please contact us.

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