The Committee

The Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund could not exist without the support of a number of committed individuals, who collectively make up the committee of the association. The committee is elected from amongst the club membership. At the present time, the committee are also the fund trustees.

Looking after over three thousand members, a thriving online shop, a busy helpline as well as managing all the initiatives is an enormous task! The committee - most of whom also have busy full-time jobs as well - could not possibly run the association without assistance. So the RWAF employs a part time Strategy Manager, Administrator and Assistant. The rest of the organisation is run on an entirely voluntary basis.

Have you got what it takes to help us with our work? Get involved!


Rae Todd

Rae Todd - CEO

Rae runs a caravan site in Somerset with her husband Gary, and they live with their bunnies, dogs, chickens and guinea pigs. Rae has had bunnies as pets ever since she was small and got her first houserabbit in 1997.

Having previously worked with the RSCPA over seeing the rehoming of their rabbits, Rae is particulary interested in the welfare of our favourite animals.

Her duties with the organisation include liaison with the pet retail trade and official bodies to help shape policy to improve the health and welfare of domestic rabbits.


Alan Wilson

Alan Wilson - Copywriter

Alan lives in West Sussex and has 3 house rabbits. Like the rest of the committee, Alan is passionate about giving rabbits a better deal and giving them the diet, space, companionship and stimulation they deserve.

Alan gets involved in the overall descision making of the organisation but his main area is writing. He writes and reviews a lot of the web content, press releases and numerous other pieces of information on behalf of the RWAF.


Ros Lamb

Ros Lamb - Fundraising, Volunteer Co-ordinator

Ros joined the committee in 2012. She is a retired teacher and has owned rabbits (or rather been their slave!) since early 1998 and says her learning curve has been rather more like a launch-pad. She joined the RWA (BHRA in those days) within weeks of adopting her first rabbit.

She is active on various forums and discussion groups and spreads the RWAF's information far and wide, in an effort to educate and support as many rabbit owners as possible. If you're a member of something...she probably is too!


Emma Boyd

Emma Boyd - Projects

Emma joined the committee in 2012, she works as an Exotic Animal Teaching Technician at the Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies in Edinburgh and also co-runs Buddies Bunny Rescue. Emma has 7 outdoor bunnies of her own who always keep her busy. Emma's main passion is education of animal welfare, especially rabbits (obviously!) and she hopes that working with the RWAF will allow this to happen.


Natalie Constance

Natalie Constance - Projects

Text to follow.

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